“The most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why!” Some of the greatest personal success stories began at the depths of depravity when there appears to be no hope, but as long as you have breath there is still time to find out the why you exist and keep your hope alive!

Only you can truly know what makes you “tick!”

This elixir (purpose) is specifically only reserved for you. This special gift bestowed upon you is a unique talent intrinsically within your core that will come out in your instinctive actions for you and the world to enjoy. You don’t know why but these intrinsic and natural acts are a motivating force in your life you just know the way you feel (great) when you are able to perform them. The problem arises when your instinctive desires don’t align with your daily actions. This mental “schism” drains the pleasure chemical from your brain thus making you pursue the “drug” that temporary eases this void. Simply put, align what you were born and built to do by God (purpose) and your worldly acts will release naturally the pleasure chemical within you, which will then make your current artificial “drug de jour” virtual obsolete.

You, combined with my guidance will focus not on what you can’t do but what you were born and intrinsically built to do. This life altering change isn’t easy and you cannot achieve your goals alone. Find out how I can help as together we will free you from the ‘“chains of addiction/depression/anxiety” and restore your “purpose driven life” all within in 90 days. Now is the time!

I am so confident in my counseling and your ability to overcome the personal issues that are affecting your life that I will refund of all fees if not you the client are not satisfied!


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Meet Dr. Garrett Bradford

I want to help you! My backstory as self-healed addict led to my foray into Forensic Psychology. My ability in changing of one’s thought process will enable you to overcome your own personal addiction/conflict.

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