Dr. Bradford* has training and experience in treating many life issues and experiences. Since he personally overcame his own personal addictions, he knows first hand what you are going through and what it takes to overcome it. If he can conquer his own personal “demons” to earn his PhD* so to can you can achieve your dreams. If you can simply trust that he can help end your current personal affliction, you will now have taken the first step in finally achieving your purpose in life!

Dr. Bradford* is especially known for his knowledge and skill in treating client whom are negatively affected by COVID-19, addiction, anxiety, depression, disruptive marriages, personal trauma, peer pressure and inadequacy. He uses a simple common sense approach with a variety of biblical principals, which he matches to each individual as to align the client with their individual purpose in life.

Dr. Bradford* is highly competent and successful at treating the following issues:

  • COVID-19 Anxiety/Depression
  • All Addictions
  • All Psychological Disorders
  • Marital or Partner Conflict
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Sports Performance (Individual-Team Building Dynamics)
  • Behavioral Analytics (Individual-Team Predictive Behavior)


Its simple! My mission at Mental Mystics is to:

  • End Addiction!
  • End Depression/Anxiety!
  • Find your Life’s Purpose!
  • Be Productive!
  • Save your Family!
  • Save your Life!

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